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Adventure Retreats

Adventure Retreats

Our adventure retreats create some of the best first-hand accounts that will leave your friends and family thirsty for adventure of their own. Read some of the stories below to get a taste of the experiences that these retreats have to offer. Our paradise retreats include the following adventures and are considered amazing adventure retreats.

Stand Up Paddle Board with Paddle 9adventure retreats

We launched our boards out from a little beach called the Nahomi on the edge of Quepos, a fishing town known for its’ marina. The water of the Pacific although warm, still kept us cool from the bright Central-American sunshine. Matty and Brian our guides led us through instructions on how to stand up on the board, hold the paddle, and to maneuver through the water. We glided past rocky islands where water splashed up against rocks creating spray showers. The lush green of tropical plants made me feel like i was in a page of National Geographic Magazine.

On our return paddle to the shore we saw something surface in the water ahead. The first thing to cross my mind is shark. Something terrifyingly deadly or dangerous. As we approached, we realized it was a sea turtle, surfacing only to dive back down into the cooler depths below. From what I’ve heard these creatures can live to be 100s of years old.




Nauyaca Falls adventure retreats

Nauyaca Falls are located in Domincal, Costa Rica. I read online that this was a cool place to go to. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Southern Pacific. So my buddy and I decided to hike it. We rented a car to get us into Domincal and then parked after we had paid a small fee at the gate. Slipped on our hiking gear. We crossed over a small bridge and started the climb upward. Red clay earth lined the road almost the entire way.

Lots of cool tropical plants lined the path. We passed a couple little farm houses with horses and chickens. 45 minutes hike upward. We sweat like crazy through our thin layers but were told it would all be worth it. As we got closer to the falls we could hear the roar and feel the moist air. We hiked downward on a man-made path with railings and found ourselves standing before the massive rush of water. Nothing prepared me for how amazing the sight would be. Looking up through a canyon with tiered falls 100ft and higher i was reminded of how small i am.

We climbed over slippery rock and found ourselves on a small outcropping over the water. I could barely hear my friends voice over the rushing sound of the water. As adrenaline pumped through our veins we launched ourselves off the rock. Jumped into the ice cold waters below. This was an adventure retreat of a lifetime.



Manuel Antonio National Park

adventure retreats

Manuel Antonio National Park

The national park is a big draw for tourists and for adventure retreat guests. I pride myself on not doing all the touristy things when i travel but i made an exception for this one. I decided to tour the park and pay for a guide. I am so glad that I did.

The guide was able to show me things through a telescope that you can’t see with naked eyes alone. Lizards, iguanas, sloths, insects, nests and birds. You name it, he could find it. I took so many pictures of the wildlife there was no room left on my memory card for the rest of my trip.

Then we came to a section of the park with one of the worlds’ most beautiful beaches. Crystal clear blue waters, white sand. I felt like i was in the Caribbean. I was instructed to tie my bag shut and hang it on a tree. The monkeys will steal things out of your bag especially if you have food.

I thought it was being a little over cautious but I’m glad that i did when i witnessed a white-faced capuchin run over to a lady’s bag and pull out a can of Pringles. He darted away and up the tree so fast, popped off the lid and munched away. These guys know what they are doing!


This Video will give you an inside look at some of the amazing adventures you have when you take part in one of our amazing paradise retreats!

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