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Bed and Breakfast Quepos – Impromtu Dance

bed and breakfast QueposAt Villas Jacquelina Bed and Breakfast Quepos the good times are always rolling.  We have guests from all over the world constantly finding our doors, reserving for a night or two and staying three or four. Guests normally find great relaxation at Villas Jacquelina Bed and Breakfast Quepos.  As soon as guests arrive they receive a complementary coconut and are treated as a friend and not a stranger.  Most guests fall immediately in love with the incredible mountain views and one of our hammocks that provide a much needed place to relax after a long day of travel.  As soon as travelers relax they start to feel the great vibes and energy that circulates through this bed and breakfast Quepos and they start to feel at home.

bed and breakfast quepos owner

Jackie of Villas Jacquelina,, She is the one dancing in the video with her Uncle Rick Acedo!

When guests are able to relax and feel at home, they begin to let go, have fun and in some cases dance to some of our frequent musical jams that we almost always have playing in reception and our common areas.  Check out this video of Jacquelina, of Villas Jacquelina bed and breakfast Quepos dancing in reception with her Uncle who was a guest visiting the Villas in February 2014. These two are having a blast dancing in reception at our bed and breakfast Quepos.

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