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Best Hotels Manuel Antonio

If you are traveling to Quepos and Manuel Antonio it helps to know where to stay and we are sure you are most likely looking for the best hotels Manuel Antonio has to offer. Manuel Antonio and Quepos  has over 260 different hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, cabinas and Inn’s to choose form and they are all offer unique and completely different atmospheres.

Choosing between Manuel Antonio and Quepos

If your visiting this area, the first thing you will need to decide is weather you want to stay in Manuel Antonio or Quepos. Manuel Antonio and Quepos are essentially the same location, seeing how both places inhabit an area less than 8 kilometers in distance. Although they are essentially the same location, they both are very different from one another and offer different benefits and downfalls.


best hotels manuel antonioQuepos is the main City of the area. Staying in the city is nice because you are close to everything you need or want and you will find more activities and events near the city. The City of Quepos is 3 meters under sea level yet sits directly on the pacific coast. The main city scape is flat and good for exploring by foot. The city has a few nice art galleries, souvenir shops, clothing stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, banks, and surf shops. On every Friday afternoon  starts a beautiful outdoor market that sells fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, baked goods, and souvenirs most of which are made, grown, and fished locally.  The outdoor market goes year round and starts Friday afternoon and extends through Saturday evening.

Manuel Antonio

best hotels manuel antonioStaying in Manuel Antonio is nice because the dense, beautiful, jungle is full of life and engulfs everything in its way.  In Manuel Antonio wildlife is everywhere. It is common to see monkeys and sloths throughout the area and sometime you can spot them right from the car or on the public bus as you travel through the area. Manuel Antonio’s Ocean and coastal views are truly breathtaking but only visible form select locations along the 7 kilometer stretch that makes up this beautiful mountainous area. Nightlife restaurants, shops, and activities are easy to find in the area but are spread out throughout the area, making it difficult to enjoy more than one of two places at a time. Currently there is a noise ordinance in Manuel Antonio that prevents noisy activities from happening in the area after 12pm. The noise ordinance is nice for hotels trying to keep a peaceful environment but it means that the main late night fun gets pushed to the city of Quepos at around Midnight. Most of the best hotels in Manuel Antonio are found right on the main Manuel Antonio road that leads to the national park.

Best Hotels Manuel Antonio

If your looking for a luxury experience and not worried about spending some major cash, you should check out Arenas del Mar. They have an amazing eco friendly jungle location, their own private beach, an amazing hotel, beautiful rooms and lobbies, amazing wildlife, and friendly staff. Arenas del Mar is easily one of the best hotels Manuel Antonio has to offer.

If your looking to spend around $100 a night check out Byblos Casino. Byblos is fun, beautiful and in a great area. They have a nice pool, a great staff and their location is very central and brings a lot of wildlife.

If your traveling on a budget but still want privacy, beautiful views, fun times, and  a great personalized experience. check out Villas Jacquelina Eco lodge and Spa. This eco firendly hotel has beautiful rooms, amazing views, and each guest is treated like family. They also have an affordable spa and give all first time guests a free 15-20 spa treatment. Great reviews too.


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