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Beach Day Manuel Antonio

Beach Day Manuel Antonio

If you are in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, there are so many amazing ways to spend your day but none truly compare to a basic beach day Manuel Antonio. If you study Spanish in Costa Rica with Villas Jacquelina you will be really close to the amazing Manuel Antonio National park and beach. This blog post gives you an inside look at an amazing beach day Manuel Antonio that these girls had while studying Spanish with Villas Jacquelina Spanish in Manuel Antonio .

The best way to spend a beach day Manuel Antonio

The best way to spend the day while in the Quepos, Manuel Antonio, area is to plan a epic beach day. To have an epic beach day all you need is:

– A cooler with drinks ( beer / soda / water)

– Some beach chairs or a large beach blanket

– A few friends

– A couple surf boards or body boards

– Sun Screen and some sun glasses

The Cooler is the most important part of what you need. If you don’t have a cooler you can always bury a big bag filled with ice and drinks in the sand and let the sand will act as your cooler.  Also, If  you want to bring a lunch with you you can always store the lunch in the cooler. If you choose not to bring any food be sure to keep an eye out for the man and woman who walk the beach selling fresh ceviche and empenadas.  The ceviche is the beach. I think it has something to do with eating it on the beach and if you have it with a beer it makes it even better.

While at the beach make sure to catch some waves and some sun but it is extremely important that you wear some sun screen.  The sun is strongest near the equator and even on a cloudy day, you can burn very easily.

This video was taken by the creator of the Villas Jacquelina Spanish Immersion course (Esteban) and in the video are a couple girls from Portland Oregon who were here to study Spanish in Costa Rica. They had a couple day’s like this one in Manuel Antonio and I am sure they are day they will not easily forget. The girls in this video were visiting to study Spanish in Costa Rica but found fun everywhere they turned.  This video was taken September, 2011 on Manuel Antonio beach near Mar Y Sombra Restaurant. Please Enjoy and consider visiting Costa Rica if you want to study Spanish in Costa Rica.

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