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Fun Activity in Quepos

Fun Activities in Quepos

If your looking for fun Activities in Quepos Costa Rica then this blog post is for you. This weeks post gives you an inside look at one of Quepos favorite attractions, Rainmaker park. Rainmaker is located about 15 minute driving outside the city of Quepos. Listed below are some of the most fun activities in Quepos area.

Rain Maker History from

The history of a mountain such as Rainmaker would be best told by one of its inhabitants.  A history told by its abundant plant and wildlife; its constant rushing water; its wise old trees.  It is likely that they alone have seen the true wonders of its passing time.  But since the history of Rainmaker Mountain must be written by one of us who have passed through, we must begin with what we know to be the core of this intriguing place.  This land exists in its original state because of its innate ability to inspire.  Indeed, it is a mountain of inspiration with a history of inspired people, and though its natural bounty  continues to flourish its future remains uncertain.

Fun activities in Quepos  : Tours Offered by Rainmaker


River Walk and Canopy Tour

This tour begins with a river walk along the Rio Seco’s edge. Hand rails and easy to follow footpaths along with observation platforms allow you to observe waterfalls and capture, with photographs, the rich biodiversity this unique site has to offer.

Rainmaker is home to Morpho butterflies, varieties of birds, the colorful poison dart frog, and thousands of unique plant species. Depending on the time of year, visitors are also afforded sightings of incredible reptiles and other animals that make there way down to the water. At the end of the walk a pristine waterfall pool will beckon you to enjoy a refreshing dip.

Continuing up the trails, visitors will come to the Canopy Bridge system.This system consists of suspension bridges, built to U.S. engineeering standards. The six sections total 250 meters, spanning from platforms attached to massive hardwood trees to create the most impressive Canopy Walk in Costa Rica. The design permits minimal forest impact, giving our participants an opportunity to explore the majesty of the forest canopy from a bird’s eye view.

 Amphibians and Reptiles Night Tour

After dusk our expert resident guide will introduce you to the wonderful world that takes place after dusk. You will be able to observe the very active amphibians and reptiles located on our property. Our guides will take you along our frog habitat lake and then into the rainforest.



 Birdwatching Morning Tour

This tour begins at dawn when most of the tropical birds are waking. Walking around the Rainmaker property our visitors will enjoy the abundant splendor of our native birds in a relaxed and quiet environment.




Getting to Rainmaker

From-San Jose:

Rainmaker is easily accessed by the main coastal road (the Costanera) on the pacific side from the capital city of San Jose. Follow the road signs departing San Jose, for Quepos/Manuel Antonio. Continuing past the town of Parrita. Turn Left at approx. 10 kilometers past Parrita. Rainmaker road sign will be visible. Follow signs through the Village of San Rafael Norte to the entrance, (seven kilometers).

From Quepos/Manuel Antonio:

Depart main highway to San Jose. Rainmaker sign is visible just after the town of Pocares. Turn right and follow signs to the entrance of Rainmaker through the village of San Rafael Norte. Rainmaker is 22 kilometers from the Center of Quepos.

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