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Hostels Quepos Costa Rica – Meet Leon

hostels quepos costa rica

IMG_0050Hostels Quepos Costa Rica – Meet Leon

One of the coolest parts of traveling is meeting new, interesting, exotic people from all over the world.  If you ever travel to Quepos / Manuel Antonio you may be able to meet one of the coolest little dudes who lives at one of the coolest hostels Quepos Costa Rica. His name is Leon and he is just 3 years old but he will quickly become your best friend if you choose to stay at Villas Jacquelina, one of few hostels Quepos Costa Rica.hostels quepos costa rica

Leon, aka “The Lion” is a ball of energy and smiles. He lives onsite at Villas Jacquelina with his dad Steve, Owner at Villas Jacquelina. Leon is three years old going on four and loves growing up in the Villas Jacquelina hostels Quepos Costa Rica environment.  Each day he greets guests to breakfast in the morning  with a smile and loves to play cars and chat up guests traveling through the area. Leon is a total ladies man and loves the attention of all the female guests visiting the Villas. He has on many occasion bolted to the bathroom for his swimsuit and towel after seeing female guests heading for the swimming pool. Leon radiates positive energy and reminds you what its like to be a kid on a regular basis while you enjoy Villas Jacquelina’s pura vida environment . He is famous for delivering fresh cold coconuts to our guests when they arrive and for running around in his super man, batman, green flash, and cartoon whitey tighties.hostels quepos costa rica

Leon is currently in pre kinder so he spends most days at school with his friends and teachers but afternoons are filled with visits to the pool, beach, or town. Leon loves to exercise and regularly rides his bike around the villas and on a daily basis is taken to school via bike with his Dad. Leon loves to explore town on his dads bike often stirring the bike in the direction of girls and cool things that catch his eye.

If your looking to stay in hostels Quepos Costa Rica be sure to choose Villas Jacquelina so you can come meet this amazing ball of energy with an old soul. He will greet you as you arrive and you will feel like you are his age again while you enjoy the huge playground that is Quepos and Manuel Antonio.  Leon is here and waiting for you so don’t miss your chance to hang with this one of a kind multilingual stud!

hostels quepos costa ricahostels quepos costa rica

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