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accomodation quepos costa rica

Accommodation Quepos Costa Rica

Travelers explore the world taking in its grandeur and ambiance only to leave behind a carbon footprint that diminishes that very environment. Our mission at Villas Jacquelina is to help abate that traveler’s carbon footprint by providing a carbon friendly environment where travelers can learn about new carbon friendly methods and technologies while enjoying our sustainable accommodation Quepos Costa Rica.

From our vermiculture garden fertilization system to our rain water collection system, our goal is to keep carbon emissions low while providing a natural and holistic environment that works with both the environment and our guests.

The Sustainability Experience

Energy Efficiency

• Energy saving water heaters used to a minimal degree.

• Energy efficient lighting and illumination used in all amenable areas

• Natural outdoor solar drying for all linens, clothing, towels, etc.

Water Management and Conservation

• Use of water conservation techniques on all amendable toilets.

• Non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products.

• Rain water collection systems

• Water pressure reductions on sinks that lower water usage

• Water waste management on all washers and showers

Waste Management

• Recycling and waste management system to recycle all glass, plastic, and aluminum

• Advanced wastewater treatment systems which assure that all water leaving our properties will not affect the surrounding water sources.

• An advanced vermiculture-based compost system to recycle organic waste.

One of the biggest problems facing traditional agriculture today is the loss of organic materials contained in the soil, caused among other things by the cultivation of monoculture populations, use heavy machinery and use (and abuse) of agrochemicals.

These processes have produced some grave results: Each year, more than 4 million tons of chemical fertilizers are incorporated into the world’s soil. At Villas Jacquelina accommodation Quepos Costa Rica, we have implemented a vermiculture-based composting system to break down organic waste produced from the eco lodge’s kitchen. Vermiculture, which uses earthworms to break down organic waste, produces a rich fertilizer which can be used to maintain our gardens and landscaping, thereby eliminating the need for harmful pesticides or chemicals.

 Conservation of Biodiversity

  • Use of all natural homemade organic bug pesticides

Native plants

At Villas Jacquelina we use only native plants in our tropical landscape. The use of only native trees on our property helps to preserve the natural ecosystem, reduces the amount of irrigation necessary because the plants are suited for this climate and weather pattern, sustains a more healthy landscape because the plants exist naturally together.

Eco lodge fruit and vegetable gardens

One great way to strive for sustainability is to lower carbon emissions by buying local produce. For example, Buying an orange grown in Florida would be considered poor for the environment when you consider the carbon emissions exuded by transporting the orange from Florida to its place of sale. At Villas Jacquelina, this mindset has us growing our own produce that used in the kitchens and for our guests. By growing our own fruit, herbs, and vegetables we mitigate carbon emissions while providing healthy and beautiful garden for our guests. Villas Jacquelina is currently growing 12 different types of herbs, vegetables, and fruits ranging from watermelons to Italian oregano.

By Design Operations

• Underground electricity systems that do not interfere with surrounding wildlife and other environmentally friendly construction practices.

• Use of sustainable architectural techniques.

Heat reduction roofing

At Villas Jacquelina you will notice the unique placement of our tin roofing. Although seemingly natural, these roofs are designed to keep direct sun off of the building which helps us keep our environment cooler and our energy usage down.

Natural light design

At villas Jacquelina you will notice that our common areas are full of natural light. This is not a mistake. The villas were designed to have panoramic windows that allow the building to be lit by natural light throughout the day. The use of this natural light keeps lights off during daylight hours and reduces energy usage.

Land conservation

At Villas Jacquelina we are well aware of the natural environment around us and have built with the desire of using the smallest amount of land possible in order to preserve land of this beautiful country. To do this we built high and tight utilizing every square foot while maximizing the small amount of land we used.

Use of local building materials

One of the biggest ways to build sustainably is to use locally made products in order to cut down on transportation emissions(The carbon emissions used to transport building materials from place of orgin to place of usage) At villas Jacquelina we choose to use only local products in an effort to lower carbon emissions.

Use of Recycled Materials 

• At Villas Jacquelina we have made recycling one of our biggest efforts. Keep your eyes open wide during your visit and you will encounter all sorts of recycled materials used throughout the hostel. From bed frames and couches made using recycled wood to water bottles and plastic containers being used as planters for our vegetable garden.

Carbon Offsets

Earn Villas Jacquelina credits

Our dedication to increase carbon neutrality and make a positive change in the environment stands at the forefront of our project. At Villas Jacquelina we want your help to inspire change and expand this global movement. Send us videos and submission of your projects, changes you’ve made in your daily life and or community to reduced carbon emissions and earn credits toward free stays at Villas Jacquelina.

Villas Jacquelina accommodation Quepos Costa Rica will give you credits toward your stay for just about any notable positive effect you make in our world. From small changes in your life, like walking instead of driving, to larger projects like starting a recycle program, Villas Jacquelina wants you to get creative and do something positive for your environment or the world.

Here’s How it works…

• Make an earth friendly change in your life or do something that has a beneficial carbon neutral effect on your environment .

• Document your projects or the earth friendly changes you’ve made in your life .

• Send Villas Jacquelina documentation of your earth friendly project or carbon neutral changes you’ve made via email

• Receive Villas Jacquelina credits that pay for your stay.


Our Communityaccomodation quepos costa rica

• Hiring staff from the local community.

• Adhering to national, legal codes of conduct

• Organization of positive environmental efforts (waterfall trash clean up / beach trash clean up)

Villas Jacquelina, Sustainable accommodation Quepos Costa Rica

Villas Jacquelina’s goal is to be noticed as a sustainable hotel Costa Rica. At Villas Jacquelina accommodation in Quepos Costa Rica we continue to build our environment in a way as to be recognized as a sustainable hotel Costa Rica. We are continuously adding details and making changes to our environment in attempt to become more carbon neutral while meeting our goal to be recognized as a sustainable hotel Costa Rica. From changes in lighting to use more solar power and energy efficient lighting,  to building water gullies that can collect and store our rain water, Villas Jacquelina is moving closer and closer toward sustainably and carbon neutrality.


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