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Info about Hotels Quepos

Information About Hotels Quepos

If your looking to stay in Hotels Quepos Costa Rica and want the inside scoop on what to do, where to eat, and where to go, then this Blog post is for you. My name is Esteban and I have been living in the Quepos, Maunel Antonio area for couple years now. For this blog post I am putting together some great information about hotels Quepos Costa Rica.

 Information about Hotels Quepos – Must See

If your staying in hotels Quepos Costa Rica these are the places you must see.

Be sure to check out the rooftop hooka lounge and Villas Jacquelina, a local hotel in Quepos.

information about hotels quepos costa rica

Manuel Antonio National Park- Here is what Wikipedia has to say about the parks features

“This park has one of the most impressive landscapes of Costa Rica and the world, has several coves with many white sand beaches and lush foliage amidst great mountains and forests that reach the beaches, is located in the forest life tropical. It has a large land and marine biodiversity with beautiful coral reefs. For its excellent climate and scenic beauty is visited by large number of national and international tourism, for which it is currently developing an adequate infrastructure, with emphasis on harmony with nature, of quality but mimicked this to reduce the visual impact and under strict environmental protection, works designed by renowned architects bioclimatic Ibo Bonilla and Rafael Víquez, among which are the Visitor Centre, the Casa de Guardaparques, Lookouts and supporting infrastructure and Trails Master Plan that includes trails : Punta Catedral, Waterfall, Lookout, Beach Espadilla, Beach Manuel Antonio, Congos, Beaches Gemelas, Port Escondido, Manglar y trail Perezosos, with universal accessibility facilities, rest areas, scenic overlooks and scientific interpretation. Near the park abounds all trade with facilities at all levels for tourism including typical regional and international food and lodging for all tastes and economic conditions.”

Rainmaker Park- The Manuel Antonio national park and Rainmaker park are two national reserves in the Manuel Antonio / Quepos area that are truly unmatched. Both have amazing hiking trails and dense jungle throughout. Manuel Antonio National Park has amazing beaches and an abundance of wildlife while Rainmaker park has amazing waterfalls, suspension bridges, and powerful flowing rivers. Pack a lunch and be prepared to be amazing by nature at its best. A true must see in Manuel Antonio and Quepos.

Jungle Creek Waterfall-  The Jungle creek waterfall is one of Manuel Antonio’s hidden treasures. This 45 minute waterfall hike takes you through the dense Manuel Antonio Jungle to an amazing waterfall just kilometers away from hotels and vacation rentals. On this hike you may encounter monkeys, snakes, frogs, fish, sloths, and all sorts of other insects and animals. When you reach the waterfall you will arrive at the top and will need to jump from the rock down into the water basin to cool off. There is also a small yet steep trail that will lead you around if you choose not to cliff jump. Pack a lunch and be prepared to be amazing by nature at its best. A true must see in Manuel Antonio.

Information about Hotels Quepos – Must Eat

If your staying in hotels Quepos Costa Rica these are the things you must eat.

Beach Ceviche- Look for Solo Bueno Ceviche guy who walks the beach selling ceviche. Its the best Ceviche and is only a few dollars.

Agua Azul Plantain Stack- Delicious stack of Fried plantain cakes with a shrimp and avacado salsa stuffed in between.

Gran Inca’s Pecado al Pacifico- Delicious fish filet smothers in shrimp and calamari, served with rice and vegetables. Amazing

Information about Hotels Quepos – Must do

If your staying in hotels Quepos Costa Rica these are the things you must do.

Quepoa Expeditions White Water Rafting-  

White Water Rafting- Six-Hour Rio Savegre – Includes lunch – Travel deep into the rainforest for a full day adventure on one of the cleanest rivers in Central America. This trip includes a short hike to some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the area. In the rainy season (May thru December), you will encounter big-water Class III rapids with roller coaster type waves. In the dry season, (May thru December) you can raft with a guide, or challenge the rapids one on one in your own inflatable kayak (ducky). Expert guides will be there to help you navigate the rapids.

Live Music at Barba Roja-  Barba Roja has on of Manuel Antonio’s best locations, sitting directly in the middle of Manuel Antonio’s 7Km stretch to the national park. Barba Roja have an amazing happy hour with a sunset deck that is truly unmatched. They specialize in beautiful  fish entrees and mouthwatering BBQ but also have a very respectable sushi bar that serves fresh fish and seafood rolls. Barba Roja is well known for its frequent live music as well as  it’s spectacular ambiance and amazing sunsets.  A true must visit.

Safari Canopy Zip lineing-  Our tour begins with an amazing drive through the rainforest out to our canopy site in Quepos. During the ride there are many stops for everyone to learn about the flora and fauna of the area. Our local bilingual guides have a vast knowledge of the area and love to share the many secrets that the rainforest holds with our clients. The canopy site is located approximately forty-five minutes from Manuel Antonio Park, in an area called Paso Real. Here we have a brand new ranch house with full facilities, located next to a pristine river, this is where we serve a full breakfast or lunch (depending on tour time). A spectacular river is the backdrop for these platforms carefully built in the canopy of the rainforest in Costa Rica. Clients are able to traverse from tree to tree and platform to platform using pulleys on horizontal traverse cables, as they sail through the treetops of the tropical rainforest canopy, and over the trails far below.

 This Video gives you an inside look at the cliff jumping at the Jungle creek waterfall.

Make sure to BOOK your tour through hotels quepos costa rica

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