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Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

If you want to learn Spanish in a central or south American country, then you definitely need to consider Costa Rica. This blog post will tell you why you should choose Costa Rica and what to expect.

Want to learn Spanish in Costa Rica?

Why learn Spanish in Costa Rica – The Culture and the People

In Costa Rica the locals are referred to as Ticos (males) and Ticas (females). Costa Rica was recently named as one of the happiest countries in the world and when you visit, you see the happiness in faces and the attitudes of the locals you meet.  In Spanish “Pura Vida” directly means Pure life, but in Costa Rica Pura Vida means so much more. Pura Vida is a life style, a way of saying hello, and an unspoken vibe that all Ticos and Ticas relate to and live by. A pura vida lifestyle is one that is calm, laid back, and happy. This Pura Vida vibe is everywhere in Costa Rica and lays within it’s people, it’s culture and it’s history.  Travelers visiting Costa Rica are entwined with this pura vida lifestyle and find themselves adhering to its persuasive tendencies.  This Pura vida lifestyle is what keeps the locals happy and it is what makes their culture rich and united. Costa Ricans pass their Pura Vida good vibration to the tourists visiting their home country and make the country a welcoming and warm place to visit and an even better place to learn Spanish.

learn spanish in Costa RicaWhy learn Spanish in Costa Rica – The nature and wildlife

The beauty of Costa Rica’s nature and wildlife is truly unmatched anywhere in the world . In a country smaller than almost all US states  you find countless tropical white sand beaches, 112 volcanic sites, and nearly half a million species of wildlife.  Costa Rica is home to 27 different national parks and 10 natural reserves that are all protected ares making its nature and wildlife like nothing else on the planet. Visit their dense jungles, cloud forests, active volcanoes, white sand beaches, coastal islands

Why learn Spanish in Costa Rica – The beaches and attractions-

Costa Rica has some of the nicest beaches and funnest attractions in the world. On the Caribbean coast visitors find an awesome Rastafarian vibe, authentic Caribbean cuisine, and some amazing Caribbean surf. On the pacific coast you find typical Costa Rican cuisine, a strong Pura Vida vibe, and some of the worlds best surf spots. Both coasts support amazing scuba diving, canopy zip-lining, white water rafting, and surf. Manuel Antonio is a particularly amazing area where you can do just about anything there is to do in Costa Rica.

Best place to learn Spanish in Costa Rica

The Best Spanish immersion program is with Villas Jacquelina  in Quepos, Manuel Antonio,  Costa Rica.  They have a great setup and make learning Spanish in Costa Rica fun.

Sunday Funday with Villas Jacquelina Spanish Immersion

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