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Pura Vida Coconuts

Pura Vida Coconuts

We care about your mind body and spirit. That’s why at Villas Jacquelina you are greeted at the door with a smile and a coconut. Yes, a hand pura vida coconutschopped, chilled, ice-cold pura vida coconuts. We have yet to meet someone to turn down such a heart opening welcome.

Take your first sip and you feel instantly satisfied. If paradise has a taste, this is it. Coconut water is nourishing and coats the palate with a sweet and smooth flavor. They are high in nutrients and minerals. Pura vida coconuts provide almost all daily required essential vitamins and minerals. They are plentiful with simple sugars, electrolytes, potassium, and enzymes which aid in digestion.

pura vida coconutsThe oils from the coconut can be used in cooking, to moisturize skin and hair, and for medicines. The pura vida coconuts meat can be blended into smoothies and combined with other vegetables and herbs to make fresh salad dressings. You can blend coconut water and coconut meat, toss in some probiotics, and the next day you have a coconut kefir that not only tastes great, but is healthy for your digestive tract. There really are no limits as to what they can be used for.

Pura vida coconut trees line the beaches of Manuel Antonio and all of Quepos. Welcome to the tropics baby. You’ll find the trees almost anywhere you look. The only challenge is in getting them down. That’s where our coconut expert tico friends come into play. Ticos know exactly which coconuts to pick and gather them with a skill unparalleled to anyone we’ve ever seen.

Jose is our local coconut-picking and chopping expert. He regularly comes to Villas Jacquelina with a cart of coconuts in tow. What would we do without him? It is a specialized skill to husk coconuts. No easy feat by any pura vida coconutsmeans and Jose puts us all to shame. He slices through pura vida coconuts like butter, not even breaking a sweat and with a smile on his face.

Not only do we keep our fridges regularly stocked, but we also host regular coconut throwing contests here with our guests. The shells are perfectly biodegradable so we have no qualms at chucking them across the yard. Pura vida coconuts put a smile on your face as we welcome you to this little slice of paradise in Quepos/Manuel Antonio Costa Rica.

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