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Quepos Costa Rica – World Cup 2014

Quepos Costa RicaQuepos Costa RicaThis week in Quepos Costa Rica we celebrated Costa Rica’s second world cup 2014 victory! Quepos Costa Rica was an amazing place to watch the game and an incredible place to be after a strong performance by Los Ticos.  The game was filled with excitement, joy, and energy as everyone watching the 10am game was on the edge of their seats while Costa Rica battled a resilient, strong and battle tested Italian team.

Entering into this years World Cup, Costa Rica’s world cup team was said to have gotten the hardest group drawl, entering  into what they called “the group of death”. Costa Rica was placed in a group with three very strong teams; Uruguay, England, and Italy. Costa Rica was given a scant chance of even winning a game in Brazil, with pre-tournament odds of 2,500-1,  yet they destroyed the odds winning games against both Uruguay and Italy.

Quepos Costa Rica

El Gran Escape Quepos

The Villas Jacquelina team had a great time watching the game. We watched the game at El Gran Escape in the Pez Vela Marina in Quepos Costa Rica.  We chose to watch the game there because they have a beautiful environment with a cool bar, good TV’s, delicious food and a helpful staff.  The vibe at El Gran Escape was very cool.  Every seat in the bar was filled even though it was a 10:00am game. The bar was filled a mix of Ticos and ex-pats all cheering for Costa Rica and all on the edge of our seats as we watched a very good Italian team firing regular shots at the Tico goal.

It was in the 44th minute that the Quepos bar was thrown into a frenzy when Bryan Ruiz (#10) headed in Costa Rica’s first and only goal that lead to the 1-0 shutout against Italy.  When the goal was scored, the bar became complete madness. The Ticos jumped from their seats in celebration. Kids were thrown into the air, horns began to blow from all over the city, free shots of Guaro were being given out in the streets, flags were being waved everywhere, and it was an amazing moment of happiness in the worlds happiest country.  Check out this video we caught right at the time when Costa Rica scored their fist goal.  This video gives you an idea of the energy and excitement that was shared as Ticos celebrated their boys.

After the game, the celebration continued! Quepos Costa Rica became a wild place to be. The streets were packed with cars of people hanging out the windows waving Costa Rica flags while every driver unleased their horns in celebration.  If you are in Costa Rica during World Cup, make sure you check out Quepos Costa Rica for one of the games. Quepos Costa Rica is a great place to celebrate and watch any World Cup 2014 match!

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