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 Quepos Costa Rica

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   Quepos Costa Rica


About Quepos Costa Rica

Naiomi Park Quepos Costa Rica

Naiomi Park Quepos Costa Rica

Less than 100 miles south of Costa Rica’s capital on the pacific coast you will find one of Costa Rica’s most valued treasures (Quepos / Manuel Antonio). Known widely as Puerto Quepos,  this small town of around 11,000 inhabitants is home to exotic wildlife, extreme adventure, and exciting nightlife. Puerto Quepos is extremely well know for it’s amazing coastal fishing and its extreme tours offered throughout the area, but its infrastructure lays in it’s new marina, hospital, fire station, and road development. Quepos can be deceiving as it is still not completely develop. If fact, just 10 years ago, this small town had only dirt roads and minimal development.  If you find your self in Quepos, make sure to check out the highlights that include the beautiful new Marina, the amazing weekend farmers market and the spectacular Naomi park also known as Maracas.


What to do in Quepos Costa Rica

Quepos Costa Rica

Naiomi Park near the Marina in Quepos Costa Rica

Quepos Costa Rica is most well know for it’s adventure tours and it’s sport fishing. There are around 30 different types tours offered in the area and all of them are jam packed with excitement and good times. If your looking to do something on the less expensive side of things, do not fret. Quepos Costa Rica has plenty of local excitement.

Naiomi Park in Quepos

One of the most popular thing to do is to visit Naomi Park which is located right next to the new marina. This park sits directly on a beautiful cove, in one of Quepos most valued locations. The park is a great place to take a dip in the water, see some wild animals, and to enjoy the spectacular sunset.

Quepos weekend Farmers market

Market  Quepos Costa Rica

Farmers Market in Quepos, Costa Rica

Quepos has an amazing farmers market that takes place weekly on Friday’s and Saturdays. The Farmers market takes place on the Quepos water front and is a great place to shop for just about anything. The farmers market has a beautiful assortment of fruits and vegetables but does not stop there.  At this farmers market shoppers will also find things like fresh fish, herbs and spices, bread and other baked goods, as well as souvenirs, rescued pets and much more.

Movie Nights at the Marina in Quepos

The Quepos Marina has recently started free movies nights at their outdoor facility. They set up an huge outdoor blow up air screen and project new and old movies for anyone who want to show up. The Marina area is clean, quaint, and spacious. They have stadium seating filled with bean bags for comfort and the sky is lit up with calm lighting. Its truly a great movie environment.

Nightly Futbol Matches in Quepos

Quepos Soccer Feild

Quepos Soccer Feild

If your interested in local sports look no further. Quepos puts on a show when their local team clashes with other local cities teams for pure competition. Find some of Quepos most talented athletes at the central futbol feild where they take on talent from nearby cities. Its a great place to hang out in the early evening and there are places to eat and an ice cream shop across the street.

Surfing the Quepos Jetty

Although not always the most popular choice for surfing, Quepos jetty has can have some great surf and some amazing lefts.  Like with most surfing, surfing the Quepos jetty has a lot to do with tide, swell, and water conditions.  The jetty is best to surf during high tide and when the time is right, surfers find a very long left that can be fun for hours at a time. Waves are not huge around the jetty but they are smooth slow braking, and easy to ride.  A downside to surfing the jetty is that the water is

Quepos Costa Rica waterfront

Quepos Costa Rica Jetty waterfront

pretty polluted by the city of Quepos and during low tide, a lot of dirty water is released into the ocean near the best surf location (best time to go is high tide, when the water is being pushed back up stream).  Getting to the surf break is not as easy as many other beach breaks. To enter the water you need to go to the end of the water front near the marina wall. From  there you have to paddle out pretty far to the main surf break. Many surfers find it to be too much work but others say it’s worth the trouble because the long left is that amazing.


 Where to eat in Quepos Costa Rica

Casado Quepos Costa Rica

Casado plate Quepos

Quepos Costa Rica is a small town, therefore there are not a ton of places to eat, however if you know where to look you can find some great dining options in and around Quepos. If your eating in Quepos be prepared for a fresh taste of Costa Rica including many fresh local vegetables, fresh fish and seafood as well as delicious tastes of local pork in the form of chuletas (fried pork chops) or  Costillas (pork ribs). Quepos is best known for its amazing “casados” which are found throughout the city and consist of rice, beans, vegetables, green salad and your choice of either fish filet, pork chop, chicken in sauce, or beef in sauce.  Casados are always cheep (between $4-$6) and always hit the spot.

Café Bohemia, Quepos Costa Rica

Cafe Bohemia is a local Boutique that offers local cuisine, relaxed atmosphere, free Wifi and info on local activities. Bohemia  is rated #1 on TripAdvisor for Quepos restaurants and is a great place to enjoy an local home cooked meal with family and friends.  Unique, bohemia, boho y indie clothing! Ethnic food, Souvenirs Be free and visit us in Quepos Downtown or call 2777-6584 to reserve a table

General Information – Open Tues-Sat 2pm to 9pm. closed Sunday, Mondays by reservations with 24 hr notice.

La Cubanita

La Cubanita is a great place to grab a local Casado or an amazing fish soup which is one of their specialties. This hole in the wall establishment can be deceiving but their reviews have been stellar giving them the #7 spot on TripAdvisor with great reviews highlighting delicious food and personal service.

El Gran Escape

El gran Escape is one of the most established restaurants in Quepos. For years they held down a great location in central Quepos but have recently moved to an amazing location at the Quepos Marina. They have a great bar, fresh seafood, a quaint atmosphere, good service, and a spectacular view of the marina and ocean. This restaurant can be more on the pricy side of things but normally fails to disappoint its guests. Great place for a Quepos sunset and delicious happy hour cocktails.

El Mercado Del Mar

El Mercado Del Mar is a new Italian restaurant that recently opened at the Marina in Quepos.  This restaurant has amazing pastas, seafood and delicious gourmet pizza.  Dinner or lunch can get expensive but if your looking to spend less they do have inexpensive options that aim to please.  Great place to catch a sunset and a pizza pie.

Soda Sanchez

Soda Sanchez is a great local Soda in Central Quepos where your dollar goes a long way. They specialize in amazing and cheep casado plates but the owner is a critical part of their operation and has new  daily specials based on the fresh local seafood. This restaurant is small but clean and ran tightly. Food comes out hot fresh and quickly and for the price, you just can’t beat it.


Weather in Quepos Costa Rica


Where to stay in Quepos Costa Rica

Besides it’s beautiful national park and sport fishing, Manuel Antonio and Quepos Costa Rica is extremely well know for their wide variety of hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, and specialty lodging. Although not all hotels and hostels are known for their sustainable efforts, the area is still seen as a leader in Costa Rica’s drive toward sustainability. Between the small town of Quepos and the 7km stretch that makes up Manuel Antonio, over 260 different types of hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, and specialty lodgings can be found. Manuel Antonio and Quepos provide a wide variety of accommodations that ranges from luxury hotels and vacation rentals to budget hostels and cabinas. Although many of these establishments may be out of the budget of most travelers, most hotels, hostels, and bed and breakfasts allow outside visitors to enjoy the pool, bar, and lounges by simply ordering some kind of food or beverage while enjoying the amenities offered by the hotel. All hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, and specialty lodging for this area can be easily found online or in one of many guide books that include Manuel Antonio and Puerto Quepos

Choosing between Quepos and Manuel Antonio

If you are traveling to Quepos and Manuel Antonio it helps to know where to stay. Manuel Antonio and Quepos  has over 260 different hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts and Inn’s to choose form and they are all offer unique and completely different atmospheres. If your visiting this area, the first thing you will need to decide is weather you want to stay in Manuel Antonio or Quepos. Manuel Antonio and Quepos are essentially the same location, seeing how both places inhabit an area less than 8 kilometers in distance. Although they are essentially the same location, they both are very different from one another and offer different benefits and downfalls.

Quepos Costa Rica

Quepos is the main City of the area. Staying in the city is nice because you are close to everything you need or want and you will find more activities and events near the city. The City of Quepos is 3 meters under sea level yet sits directly on the pacific coast. The main city scape is flat and good for exploring by foot. The city has a few nice art galleries, souvenir shops, clothing stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, banks, and surf shops, and an amazing outdoor weekend market.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Staying in Manuel Antonio is nice because the dense, beautiful, jungle is full of life and engulfs everything in its way.  In Manuel Antonio wildlife is everywhere. It is common to see monkeys and sloths throughout the area and sometime you can spot them right from the car or on the public bus as you travel through the area. Manuel Antonio’s Ocean and coastal views are truly breathtaking but only visible form select locations along the 7 kilometer stretch that makes up this beautiful mountainous area. Nightlife restaurants, shops, and activities are easy to find in the area but are spread out throughout the area, making it difficult to enjoy more than one of two places at a time. Currently there is a noise ordinance in Manuel Antonio that prevents noisy activities from happening in the area after 12pm. The noise ordinance is nice for hotels trying to keep a peaceful environment but it means that the main late night fun gets pushed to the city of Quepos at around Midnight.

Budget Travel

bed and breakfast Quepos Costa Rica

Villas Jacquelina Bed and breakfast


Villas Jacquelina

Villas Jacquelina is proud to provide a unique lodging option unlike anything else in the area. Villas Jacquelina is a family ran establishment geared toward positive guest relations and comfortable unique accommodation. Villas Jacquelina prides itself in separating itself from the pack by offering great room rates, spa and massage treatments at cheep prices unequaled anywhere in Costa Rica, and the personal service and attention that makes guest feel at home and allows them to make the most out of their vacation.

Where to go out in Quepos Costa Rica

Quepos is a small town with a lot of excitement. There are more than 11 different bars or clubs in the Quepos area and they all provide different qualities and downfalls.

El Gran Escape

El gran Escape is a beautiful bar and restaurant at the Pez Vela Marina in Quepos Costa Rica.  This bar is brand new, sits elevated above the marina, has amazing food and drinks that mix well with the beautiful views and atmosphere.  This bar fills up on weekends or during fishing tournaments or events that take place at the marina. Definitely check out this bar for some fun.  

Double Hook and Wacky Wandas

Bar's Quepos Costa Rica

Double Hook and Waky Wandas Bar’s

Double Hook and Whacky Wandas are two centrally located bars in Quepos. They are best known as fisherman bars because they receive a lot of traffic from the fishing community of Quepos. These bars are located on the main street of Quepos near the bus station, they have sports playing on large HD TV’s 24/7 and offer guests a dive bar atmosphere with cheap drinks and food.  Be careful late night at these bars as they tend to draw a large amount of prostitution.

Cana Tico

Cana Tico is a dive bar located on the main waterfront street of Quepos facing the ocean. Cana Tico is somewhat new to Quepos and normally draws a large crowd Thursday- Saturday. This bar caters to locals and has cheep drinks and food while always having some kind of sports playing on the large HD TV’s around the bar. Visit this bar late night before clubbing at Republic.


Nightclub Quepos Costa Rica

Republik and Cana Tico

Rebublic is a night club located on the main waterfront street of Quepos facing the ocean. Rebublic draws a large local crowd with local Reggeton music by local DJ’s and fairly priced drinks. This club is small but packs a punch with great electric lighting, smoke machines, and loud music. If you looking to dance, make sure you stop in here to experience this Costa Rican nightlife experience.

Kamuk Casino

Kamuk casino is located on the main waterfront street of Quepos facing the ocean, under the Best Western Kamuk hotel.  This Casino can be a fun place to gamble or play poker while having a drink and taking in the culture. The casino is old but still a great place to have some fun while visiting Quepos Costa Rica.

Discotec Arcoitis

If you are out on the town very late at night this discotec could be the place for you. Discotec Arcoitis is located near the main bridge that serves as the main entrance for the city of Quepos. This disco opens late and stays open until the early morning hours. It has its own soda that is attached and serves up late night food for any hungry customers. Be careful this place can get wild.

 Quepos Surf Report

Videos of Quepos

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