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Rainy day at Villas Jacquelina Bed and breakfast Quepos Costa Rica


bed and breakfast quepos costa ricaJanuary is usually a month with little rain here at Villas Jacquelina Bed and Breakfast Quepos Costa Rica.    Yesterday, this was not the case. It was beautiful most of the day (6am- 3pm) but when 3 o’clock rolled around the clouds of doom rolled in from the mountain front dropping copious amounts of water all over this bed and breakfast Quepos Costa Rica.

It is truly spectacular when it rains here at Villas Jacquelina.  90% of this bed and breakfast is covered by tin roofing and when it rains it is magical. Water flows from every nook, making you feel like your in the middle of the storm although you stay safe and dry under the protection built around you.

This month Villas Jacquelina Bed and Breakfast Quepos Costa Rica is starting the project of collecting the rain water that flows from our rooftops. The water will be collected into large barrels on Villas Jacquelina’s highest rooftops. From there, we will be setting up connections to distribute the collected rainwater to multiple places. We will set up plumbing form the rain jugs to an outdoor shower that our guests use to rinse off after time at the beach or in the pool.   We will also connect the jugs to our washing machines so that we can use rain water to wash hotel sheets and guests clothing. The coolest thing we are doing is connecting our jugs to our toilets. We will run a rainwater line down the back of the villas. The line will connect to all villas toilets and will fill toilets with rain water whenever there is water available.

Make sure you plan a trip to Villas Jacquelina bed and breakfast quepos costa rica during rainy season. It is one of the best times a year make a trip and if your here during one of our amazing rain storms you will be energized by the amazing energy that rings through this B&B while the rain falls from the sky.

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