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Welcome to Villas Jacquelina Reservations

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villas jacquelina bedroom

Villas Jacquelina Room Options

*Split Bath = two private rooms share one bath

(Option 1 – $35 Sleeps 2)

  Private room / double bed /split bath /ceiling fan

(Option 2 – $40 Sleeps 2)

Private room / 2 twin beds / split bath /ceiling fan 

(Option 3 – $40 Sleeps 2)

Superior private room / double bed / split bath/ ceiling fan / window view

(Option 4 – $50 Sleeps 3)

Private room / split bath / ceiling fan / window view / 1 double bed & 1 single bed

2 guest $50 add $10.00 for additional guest                 

(Option 5 – $65 Sleeps 5)

1 Private room 1 private bath with double and single bed combinations

 2 guests = $65, add $10. for each additional guest.

*For AC add $15.00 per night to room cost.

(Option 6 – $80 Sleeps 5)

 2 Private rooms Split 1 Private bath with double and single bed combinations

3 guests = $80 add $10. for each additional guest.

(Option 7 – $75 The Bird’s Nest)

The Birds Nest is the penthouse of Villas Jacquelina offering cool ocean breezes with 360 degree jungle and mountain views.  Named “The Bird’s Nest” because it is an open aired room surrounded by nature. The space includes an open kitchenette area that makes an enjoyable and romantic environment for cooking and eating. Then hanging over the edge and nestled within the growing bamboo stocks is your private outdoor shower and bathroom that stimulates as well as invigorates with great hot water showers. Enjoy resting up in the Bird’s Nest or in the relaxing rocking bed while watching a tropical electrical storm move through the mountains over into the sea.

 2 guests=$75 Add $10. For each additional guest.

(Option 8)

Private Rental of the entire Villa Jacquelina for up to 50 people. Great for weddings, family reunions, special events and more. Please email to discuss pricing and availability

Be advised! 13% hotel tax not included in room rates.

*High Season Pricing – Add $10 to all listed room prices

*High Season – (December 1 – March 1)

 (Samana Santa) (Independence Day September 13-16)


Villas Jacquelina Reservation Request Form

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