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Retreats in Paradise

 Retreats in Paradise

When you visit Costa Rica for a paradise retreat you get an amazing experience that is only possible with retreats in paradise. This blog post gives you a first hand experience from one guest who enjoyed one of our amazing retreats in paradise :retreats in paradise

I wake up refreshed and ready to start the day. I open my door to a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and moist jungle air. The view of the ocean is a stunning one. Nothing in the world can wipe this smile off of my face. The heavy jungle air causes curly ringlets to form in my otherwise poker straight hair which i gently tie back as I get ready for early morning yoga class.

Today is the start of my retreat in paradise. I climb the stairs to our third floor yoga deck. The instructor is already in a seated posture, looking calm and peaceful in front of a backdrop that I recognize as a scene out of National Geographic Magazine. I take in the scenery as I roll out my mat. Several other retreat guests are making their way across the deck and not a single person can pull their eyes away from the view.retreats in paradise

I booked this paradise retreat for a last minute hiatus from work and I believe it is exactly what I need to bring some balance into my life. I focus on my breathing and become more and more relaxed as the instructor leads and guides us through grounding postures and practice.

After class, I attend a seminar on how to make healthy vegan options of some of my favorite foods. Dehydrated flaxseed crackers and nut cheeses are the perfect substitutes for the dairy and more processed options. I am excited to incorporate many of these ideas into my daily lifestyle.

We sip on green smoothies to rehydrate and kick back in hammocks that overlook that same stunning view. Simply stated, this retreat is paradise. The other guests and I swap travel stories and share our insights into life. We share the same gratitude in being here with like-minded people and in an incredibly beautiful place. We are lucky that we are able to enjoy and create these memories in our life.

After day one of our paradise retreat we decide to have a night out on the town. We get dressed to go out to a Costa Rican soda where we can get a typical plate. A casado with rice, beans, plantains, and vegetables sounds like a great option and we are so eager to practice our Spanish with the waiter.retreats in paradise

Tomorrow we will add in some more adventure with a trip to some of the local waterfalls. I am so looking forward to the adventure and i know there is so much more to paradise to see during this retreat. These relaxing getaways are run all the time at Villas Jacquelina. I’m already looking forward to the next one.


If you are interested in taking part in retreats in paradise like this one check out our Paradise retreats page for more information. This video give you an inside look at our retreats in paradise!

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