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Spanish Immersion Costa Rica

Spanish Immersion Costa Rica

Looking for Spanish immersion Costa Rica? Costa Rica is one of the most amazing places to study Spanish. Immerse yourself in the beautiful Costa Rican culture and the tranquil pura vida lifestyle. Spend half your days leaning the ins and outs of the Spanish language and spend the second half of your days using what you learned in real life setting while you explore the amazing country of Costa Rica. Spanish immersion Costa Rica is one of the most rewarding experiences you will find.

Spanish Immersion Costa Rica – Where to study?

Figuring out where to study Spanish in Costa Rica will be the first thing you must decide. Spanish Immersion courses can be found in multiple beautiful locations throughout Costa Rica, but some locations are going to be more student friendly than others. The smartest thing to do is to research Costa Rica to decide what area you want to visit most and then look for a Spanish immersion in that area. Look for an area in Costa Rica that has a lot to offer because after half days of Spanish, you will have a lot of time on your hands to explore and have fun.

Spanish Immersion Costa Rica – What to look for?

When looking for a Spanish Immersion course you will find a wide variety of immersion packages that offer a number of different benefits and options. Look for the package that offers you the most for your money. You will find that most Spanish immersion courses will offer similar packages that include breakfast, lunch, materials, lodging, etc.   Do not settle for a package that your not sure about. Some great Spanish Immersion packages offer more than the basics and include tours, special events, included benefits and much more.

Spanish Immersion Costa Rica – Lodging

Most Spanish immersion packages offer home stays to students in need of housing.  Home stays can be nice because you are placed in a locals house with an entire family of Spanish speakers.  This home stay option may not be the nicest option but the experience of living with a local family is unmatched.

Best Spanish Immersion Costa Rica Package

Spanish Immersion Costa Rica

Villas Jacquelina offers Spanish immersion in one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful area’s, Quepos, Manuel Antonio

Villas Jacquelina offers students an amazing Spanish immersion package that is sure to leave students educated and thoroughly satisfied. Villas Jacquelina is located in one of Costa Rica’s most amazing locations (Manuel Antonio / Quepos) and  this all inclusive Spanish package gos above and beyond to make sure students have a great time while learning what they came to learn. Villas Jacquelina offers students similar class schedules as other schools but includes more in their all inclusive package. Spanish Immersion at Villas Jacquelina includes a free hour of spa treatment per week, weekend fish BBQ’s, a fun graduation party, a walking tour of the area, a waterfall tour, numerous amazing volunteer opportunities, breakfast and lunch five days a week, and lodging that is far nicer than what you will find with most other packages. If your looking for Spanish Immersion Costa Rica, this is the program for you.

If you do Spanish immersion Costa Rica with Villas Jacquelina near Manuel Antonio, Get ready for the monkeys.

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