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Surfing Quepos Costa Rica

Surfing Quepos Costa Rica

If you’re visiting Quepos, Costa Rica and want to do some surfing in the area then this blog post  is for you.  This blog post gives first hand advice for surfers looking to catch some waves while visiting  Quepos. Enjoy this free advice about surfing Quepos Costa Rica

surfing quepos costa rica


Surfing  Quepos Jettysurfing  quepos

Although not always the most popular choice for surfing, Quepos jetty has can have some great surf and some amazing lefts.  Like with most surfing, surfing Quepos jetty has a lot to do with tide, swell, and water conditions.  The jetty is best to surf during high tide and when the time is right, surfers find a very long left that can be fun for hours at a time. Waves are not huge around the jetty but they are smooth slow braking, and easy to ride.  A downside to surfing the jetty is that the water is pretty polluted by the city of Quepos and during low tide, a lot of dirty water is released into the ocean near the best surf location (best time to go is high tide, when the water is being pushed back up stream).  Getting to the surf break is not as easy as many other beach breaks. To enter the water you need to go to the end of the molle near the marina wall. From  there you have to paddle out pretty far to the main surf break. Many surfers find it to be too much work but others say it’s worth the trouble because the long left is that amazing. Surfing Quepos is overall a fun place to surf.

Surfing Playa Manuel Antoniosurfing Quepos

Playa Manuel Antonio is only a 15 minute bus ride away and is perfect for beginner surfers or anyone looking for an amazing surf location. If you’re staying at a hostel in Quepos, just jump on one of the buses that leave every 15-30 minutes from town.  When you get to Playa Manuel Antonio, you can pretty much choose where to surf on the beach. The beach has a multiple great surf locations. Playitas is at the north end of beach and has great large surf for more experienced surfers.  The central beach has great beginner surfing and lessons can be found all over the beach.

Surf Lessons

Need a surf lessen or board rental? Contact Villas Jacquelina or visit their tour page to learn more about their surf lesson packages.

Surfing near by

Dominical has great surf and is only a 40 minute bus ride from Quepos.  If you have a rental car it’s an easy drive to a beach that’s has some major surf.

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