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Weekend activities near Quepos

Weekend activities near Quepos

This blog post is for those living in Quepos Costa Rica and are in search of cool weekend activities near Quepos.  This is what your weekends could look like if you do want to learn Spanish in Costa Rica. This is the first of many blog posts about the activities and fun things to do while visiting the beautiful Country of Costa Rica or while learning Spanish in Costa Rica. The location of this post comes to you from the southern pacific coast region of Costa Rica known as Puntarenas. This area is one of Costa Rica’s best because it is filled with amazing neutral beauty and tons of fun.

Weekend activities near Quepos – week 1

– Activity One –

Head south of Quepos, Costa Rica to Uvita, Costa Rica where you can find some awesome fresh water rivers to play in. This a by far one of the coolest weekend activities near Quepos.

Weekend activities near Quepos

September 23, 2012

I came to Costa Rica because i wanted to learn Spanish in Costa Rica. On the weekends you find a lot of fun stuff to do that can most of the time be free or very cheap.

Last weekend some friends and I traveled South of Quepos, Manuel Antonio,  Costa Rica, where we live, to the beautiful area of Uvita. Uvita is most well know for it wheals tail beach formation (beach/ reef that extents off the coast in the form of a large wheals tail).  Uvita is also know for its amazing beaches, beautiful waterfalls and amazing fresh water rivers.  On this day we traveled south to find some paddle boarding spots and along the way stopped by an amazing fresh water river just minutes from the center of the town of Uvita.

The Fresh water river we found was amazing. The water temperature was a perfect 72 degrees. The color of the water was a beautiful turquoise blue. It was deep enough in some areas to dive and cliff jump and shallow enough in other areas to be able to rock slide and play in the rapids. The rivers was cover in the shade of tall healthy trees and the river flowed just hard enough to both peaceful and fun.

We hung by the river for couple of hours drinking beer and eating snack while enjoying the powerful yet peaceful current.  We also did some cliff jumping and rock sliding and had a ton of fun checking out the river banks and ponds. We skipped some rocks for a while and had a blast playing with and fighting against the river current.

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Check out the Video taken by Esteban Acedo ( Founder and Owner of Villas Jacquelina Spanish immersion )

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