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What Makes Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica So Great?

Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica

What Makes Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica So Great?

It’s an amazing and easy way to set yourself up to live in a foreign country for up to a month or more. If your planning on living in a foreign country, signing up for an immersion program is an easy way to live in place for a month before deciding if you like and want to live there. Immersion programs are a great way to become accustom to a country before being on your own.

Easy Transition

Signing up with an all inclusive Spanish immersion program is nice because you don’t have to worry about anything except for showing up. Typically, if you want to visit a foreign country there are a lot of things you have to consider and there can be a lot of planning to do if you want to take part in certain activities (like volunteering).  When you sign up for most Spanish immersion programs you get a good idea of what to expect, where you will live, what opportunities to expect and usually a program administration that is there to help you with the transition.

Finding Friends and Travel Partners

Signing up for a Spanish course in Costa Rica is a great way to meet other people with similar ambitions and plans as you may have while visiting or traveling in a foreign country. Visiting or traveling in a foreign country can be a scary thing to do for anyone and sometimes it helps to find other travelers to see the world with. Most Spanish Immersion programs give students the weekend off so they can travel to nearby cities, beaches, or attractions.

Great for personal development

In order to be prepared and succeed in today’s multi-ethnic and multi-lingual workplaces and communities it is necessary to develop new global perspectives and cross-cultural communication skills. Spanish immersion programs give students a cultural and language experience. Spanish immersion programs also give you direct access to volunteer work that can be great for personal development and growth while looking good on resumes.

Costa Rica is the ultimate grown-ups playground

Costa Rica has just about every extreme outdoor sports and activities.

Why Costa Rica?

• We have breathtaking volcanoes

• We have public transportation to get you there (anywhere…)

• We have over 850 species of birds (many right here on campus!)

• We have two beautiful coasts just a short hop from the Central Valley

• We have stunning beaches

• We have just about every kind of outdoor adventure possible

• We live a Pura Vida lifestyle

• Costa Rica is one of the safer countries to visit in Central America

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