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What to do in Manuel Antonio?

Mnauel Antonio Costa Rica

What to do in Manuel Antonio

If you are in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica and looking for things to do, this blog should help you by introducing some amazing options for activities and fun in the Manuel Antonio Costa Rica area. This blog post focuses on what to do in Manuel Antonio.

What to do in Manuel Antonio? – White Water Rafting

The white water rafting in the Manuel Antonio Costa Rica area is some of the most amazing rafting Costa Rica has to offer. Three different rivers in the area allow for a wide range of experience level, and rafting guides are some of the safest and most experienced. Rafting is usually around $70-$90 per person and can include a free lunch if you find the right tour. Book your rafting directly through your accommodation front desk or do it directly by clicking here. This is by far one of the coolest things to do when wondering what to do in Manuel Antonio.

What to do in Manuel Antonio – Happy Hour with an amazing sunset

what to do in Manuel AntonioIf your in the Manuel Antonio Costa Rica area, make sure you plan for at least one sunset restaurant experience.  The Sunsets from many select locations are to die for, and when you mix in the delicious drinks and food, you have an experience you will not soon forget. Happy Hour usually starts around 5 but i suggest showing around 4:45 to grab the perfect table and start the evening off right. Most places have live music around sunset and the food in normally very good.  Here are a few solid recommendations on where to go: Baraba Roja, Agua Azul, Mar y Luna, The Gaia Hotel, Hostal  Vista Serena, Hostal Plinio, Rafiels Terraza, Ronnies place, Mar Y Sol.

What to do in Manuel Antonio -Amazing Jungle Hike-

If you visit Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, You must make sure you do a least some hiking. The hiking in this area makes for a spectacular day of fun and exploring.  Hikers can find amazing trails in the Manuel Antonio National Park  and are likely to run into all sorts of wildlife along each trail. The rainmaker park is also a great place for hiking, and is located a few kilometers north of Manuel Antonio. If you have enough time to explore the Manuel Antonio area you will find that the locals have successfully made their own amazing hiking paths in secluded locations throughout the mountainous region. They can be hard to find but most often are the best of hiking in the area. I suggest you ask a local for a great trail.

what to do in Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio National Park

What to do in Manuel Antonio – Enjoy the beach –

Playa Manuel Antonio was rated 2013’s #1 Best Beach in Central America by

Conde Nast Travel Magazine,  so if your in the area you have to plan for a few days of relaxing on this stunning beach where the jungle meets the ocean. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself hanging out with a family of monkeys or if you run into a lounging 2 or 3 toed sloth. This beach was rated best beach by Conde Nest magazine  for a reason. Envision a clean beach with beautiful white sand, gorgeous surfing waves, astonishing wild life, dense jungle, and a lack of today’s modern world.  It is meets the requirements to be designated tropical paradise. Oh, and don’t worry about what month you visit; the water is warm yet refreshing year round.  Easy to see why these beaches are the gem of Manuel Antonio and all of Costa Rica.

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