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Food in Quepos Costa Rica

Food in Quepos Costa Rica

Why visit Quepos Costa Rica? – The Food

If you hadn’t already found enough reasons to learn Spanish in Costalearn spanish in Costa Rica
Rica, food in Quepos Costa Rica on its on should sell you. Costa Rica is
known for its flora and fauna and extreme abundance of fresh local
fruits and vegetables. Market fresh ingredients lend to spectacular
culinary escapades. Typical Costa Rican breakfast is exquisitely
simple yet incredibly satisfying. Travelers will find an abundance of
fresh tropical fruit (pineapple, papaya, mango), eggs usually served
over easy, placed atop of a bed of a local specialty called gaia
pinto. Gaia pinto is a staple in the Costa Rican diet and can be found
served at all meals not just breakfast, it consists of rice and bean
base mixed with other local vegetables, typically peppers and onions
and some other savory spices. Fresca’s or naturales are another great
thing one can encounter while studying in Costa Rica on a hot day.
Naturales are smoothies made with fruit of your choosing and simply
blended with water and ice, extremely refreshing and quite healthy.
Another excellent treat to enjoy while trying to beat the heat is a
pipa fria. A pipa fria is a young coconut that has been chilled tolearn spanish in Costa Rica, Quepos
perfection and served to you with simply a straw to savor all the
nutrients and electrolytes from the young coconut water. Due to the
proximity to great fishing conditions Costa Rica is the place to find
some incredible seafood dishes or mariscos y pescado. Ceviche is a
delicious seafood dish that can be found at most restaurants and even
from vendors on the beach, great as a snack or as an entire meal.
Plantains are abundant not only in Costa Rican landscape but in the
cuisine as well. Part of the banana family the plantain is less sugary
and more savory and this is reflected in the cooking. Plantains are
served as chips, mashed and fried into “patacones”, or just simplyManuel Antonio national park
boiled and is a spectacular accompaniment to a multitude of dishes.

Fruits and vegetable stands as well as weekly farmers markets can be
found all throughout Costa Rica. While learning Spanish in Costa Rica
these are some great places to practice your skills and learn new
vocabulary. When it’s time to return home you may leave not just
knowing Spanish but some great recipes as well! You are sure to fall in love with all of this amazing food in Quepos Costa Rica.

learn spanish in Costa Rica

Fresh Food Outdoor Market in Quepos, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

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